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Customizable Tea Service - Brand New!

Customizable Tea Service - Brand New!

Fangboner Farms is rolling out a brand new service that you may have already heard about if you follow us on Instagram. It's a tea service that takes your personal goals, whether that's to recuperate from surgery or simply to destress, and makes herbal tea recommendations based on a personal consultation.

Here's how it works: the first five customers who sign up receive a limited time price of $77 that begins with a consultation. After we get information from you on what your goals and needs are, we'll compile an evaluation on what natural remedies could help you, followed by a package of 10 herbal tea bags that coincide with those needs. 

It's a similar concept to custom vitamin packs, but with tasty teas instead! It's all-natural and chosen by our naturopathic team to keep you on track to meet your goals. We are so excited about this! Follow this link to get started with your own consultation today.

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