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Chats with Liz: How One Young Entrepreneur Took on the Family Business

Chats with Liz: How One Young Entrepreneur Took on the Family Business

If you've been a Fangboner Farms customer for quite a while, you may have noticed a changing of the guard, so to speak, in recent years. We did a brief interview with our local farm's CEO, Elizabeth Richardson, to get a bit of history on that.

What was it like deciding to take over the family business? It was unexpected. Because I'd put my two weeks notice in at Banana Republic to step down and leave the company as assistant manager and go into the fashion and personal stylist business.

When my dad [Roland Richardson] called me and told me he actually wanted me to  take over the business, it was perfect timing. I wasn't scared. I think with everything going on already with my profession, it was divine intervention. It also gave me a  bit of a break, because what I was doing was finishing my Executive MBA and traveling at the time. I had gone to South America and New York and Denver... and then in those two months, I took over as CEO of the farm. That was between September and December of 2018.

What made Roland want to pass the business down to you at that particular time? I've never really asked him that, but I always thought it was because he was doing so much with MP & Son Landscaping, and he thought, since I'd just finished my business degree, that I'd do a good job!

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