Fangboner Farms

And So It Begins

Hey world!  Welcome to Fangboner Farms.

Fangboner Farms started as a hobby that has turned into this whole new lifestyle.  Midwestern girl meets Southern boy, sparks fly and Fangboner Farms is born.  Well there is a bit more than that to the story.  Here's the scoop:

Fangboner Farms. It’s all about the unexpected.  It’s about contrasts and opposites.  It’s about a Southern boy, a Midwestern girl.  About rural and urban.  Salt and pepper.  Sweet and spicy. Hard rock, smooth jazz. Cold wine, hot food. Blended together to create unique experiences in wine, gardens and spice.  Get the unexpected.  Experience Fangboner Farms.

Roland and I have a great relationship and started a business but the real story is that I moved to Fangboner Farms and gave up city water for this boy!  What an adjustment - bugs, weird critters (that's what they call them out here. In the city we call them rats) and what's the whole thing with a leach field and septic tanks?  Seriously?

 So my adventure begins...

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