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An Orange a Day Keeps Anemia Away

An Orange a Day Keeps Anemia Away

We use orange in our pineapple mint/mint/orange , not just because it’s a delicious combo, but because there are so many benefits to this delightfully sweet natural remedy. Packed with Vitamin C to help with the absorption of iron, DNA repair, and boosting serotonin levels, oranges are also a valuable source of potassium, making them good for your heart.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an orange a day keeps anemia way,”
says Dr. Kristal. “And it also lowers your risk for heart disease and kidney stones.” 

You’ll also find that regularly consuming oranges will help you maintain a healthy weight because they are packed with flavonoids, providing protection from free radicals as well. Nothing like staying healthy and keeping off those added pounds during the holiday season, am I right? Of course, oranges alone won’t do that, but they might help keep you on track. 

Whether you consume them whole or as a dry ingredient (as they are in our teas), it’s certainly a healthy and delicious choice.

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