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An Ode to Clara J's Tea Room

An Ode to Clara J's Tea Room

By Erin Holden

I’ve been to Clara J’s Tea Room twice now - once on a story assignment for a publication I write for frequently, and once when my mother from Louisiana was in town. Let me tell you, if you are looking for ideas to bond with your mother or mother-in-law, this is the way to go. 

Fangboner Farms is proudly represented at Clara J’s with one of our favorite blends: Raspberry, Spearmint, & Strawberry herbal tea. We recommend that you order a pot of this fruity/minty herbal tea, served with a decadent “Proper Tea,” the only experience like it that you’ll find in our region.

With the proper tea for two, available by reservation only from 11am-1pm, Wednesday through Saturday, you’ll start with a medium pot of local Fangboner Farms tea. It pairs well with the scones served with a healthy helping of Devonshire cream and jam that are immediately served while you await your three tiers of culinary delights. Some of our favorite features of this meal include the asparagus and ricotta puffed pastry, the Clara J’s signature ribbon sandwich, and their lemon buttercream cookie.

Make your reservation today at Clara J’s Tea Room to try out the proper tea experience with a pot of freshly brewed Fangboner Farms tea. It will quickly become one of your favorite local experiences!

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