Fangboner Farms

American Gothic - Fangboner Farm Style

American Gothic - Fangboner Farm Style

So I have wanted to take a picture of Roland and me in the style of the old painting American Gothic.  Remember it?  The man and woman standing in front of the farmhouse?  He is looking ahead, she is looking off, slightly bored. He has the pitchfork, she has her hair in a bun. I just thought it might be fun to do it up but in our personalities.  The city girl and the country boy.

This past weekend, my sister Joan and her son Jeff, his wife Julie and their son Nathan came up to the farm.  Julie is a phenomenal photographer - warning shameless plug ahead - and you should check out her gallery of work. So I conned her into using her great talent to make us look good - and in turn create a new American classic.

So here you go - Roland and Jan in "American Gothic Fangboner Farms Style"

Julie said she has some ideas for even better versions. I'm anxious to see what she can come up with next.  I think she did a great job but maybe next time, even more Photoshop so I can look younger . . .

But it does capture our personalities.  Although I don't ever wear a suit when I'm picking herbs.  Just when I'm wheeling and dealing to sell the herbs!

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