Fangboner Farms

All Aboard the Metro Beet Garden Tour

All Aboard the Metro Beet Garden Tour

2021 has brought many exciting changes to Fangboner Farms but, we have to say, one of the most exciting ones is our involvement with Metro Beet Urban Farm & Community Garden Tours. This organization's mission is to invite community members to check out different gardens and farms throughout our region, and we are honored to be on the list of stops!

Metro Beet offers a list of farms that you can stop by to check out what is being grown, chat with the owners, and stock up on what is being offered. Stop by Fangboner Farms as part of the tour today and tomorrow. We are always excited to chat in person with you guys about the amazing things we are doing on the farm. 

You can learn more about Metro Beet on their Facebook page!

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