Fangboner Farms

After a Long Intense Labor, the Babies are Born!

Finally.  After months of work, preparation, sleepless nights and lots of heartburn, the babies have arrived!

I bottled, labeled and sealed our first batches of herbs and sundried tomatoes today. I am proud, excited, tired, fearful, nervous, and not quite sure of the next steps.  I mean, I've read the books, watched the movies and documentaries but now I have my own.  In the words of a famous and inspirational influence of mine, "Ruh Roh Raggy!"  (that's a Scooby Doo reference for those of you who don't look to him as a major influence on your life as I do)

It certainly feels like I've been pregnant these last few months in getting Fangboner Farms off the ground.  At first I was so excited with the possibilities - I mean it is something I've always wanted to do and I did need the right partner to make it happen. Then after awhile, I was sick.  Tired, queasy and thinking, what am I doing?

That passed into the middle stages of getting comfortable with the idea, swollen ankles (lots of standing, squatting and on my feet a lot in the gardens) and water retention.  I know, you didn't need to know that one but I'm telling myself it's not extra weight from nervous eating but "just retaining"!

Then the anxiousness of getting ready to launch, all the final prep work and no sleep. I won't get graphic with delivery details but I will say, I was ready for these babies to get on out of here!

So after months of planning, I now present to you the Fangboner Farms collection

Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen?  I know, I sound like a first time mom, but I am with these guys. I don't have a favorite (although I have always told Alex and Mimi that the other one was my favorite just to keep them on their toes) but the Classic Blend is where I started.  Rosemint Blend is an idea I had just because I love rosemary and mint.  And the tomatoes started because what was I going to do with all those cherry tomatoes????

 So world, here are the baby herbs that Roland and I created and hope will go forth and prosper! I just hope I don't get any more stretch marks from this pregnancy...


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