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A New (All-Natural) Look for Our Herbal Teas

A New (All-Natural) Look for Our Herbal Teas

It's not just about looks, of course; it's about choosing a more sustainable, clean option for our products. Our new tea bags will now be made with natural wood pulp filter paper, are unbleached, processed by UV sterilization and are completely unbleached. This means you can enjoy your tea knowing that the bags are just as plant-derived as the herbs they contain! 

Our repeat customers may notice that the bags are a bit smaller, BUT we just filled the packages with more of them to make up for that. Plus, you can still use each bag for two to three steeps, since our tea blends are as potent and delicious as ever!

Shop now to find out for yourself.'s a bit of bonus content below so you can share in our New Year's fun at the Richardson house!


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