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A Holiday with the Richardsons

A Holiday with the Richardsons

For our family, Thanksgiving Day will be different this year, but still full of so much joy and gratitude. Adam and I won't be going to his parents' house, or having a big gathering at my parents' house either...instead, we'll be spending it with the kiddo (Izabella), making it a small and meaningful celebration. We'll miss the folks we normally see on this day, but we are happy to make the best of what we have!

Izabella and I will be making my grandma's recipe for stuffing with my mom, and we are SUPER excited for a new holiday tradition: smoked chicken with Fangboner Farms Yum Spice stuffed with lemons and veggies. We'll be taking this over to my mom's house for a small gathering, followed by rest and relaxation for the rest of the day.

The Richardson family wishes all of our customers, readers, and friends a happy and safe 2020 Thanksgiving! 

With Love,


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