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A Fangboner Guide to COVID Safety

A Fangboner Guide to COVID Safety

We’ve been living in a  vastly different world throughout most of 2020, and things are still far from being back to normal. It’s also way too easy to become complacent about the things we know we should be doing to keep ourselves (and each other) as safe as possible. We created a little list of reminders with links to some of our products that can help.

  1. Sanitize your hands - When you’re out and about and aren’t able to wash your hands immediately, keep using hand sanitizer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend using hand sanitizer with complete coverage of your hands, rubbing it in for about 20 seconds until they feel dry. Try using our Hand Gel Sanitizer made with alcohol and aloe.
  2. Clean your face regularly - Obviously, you want to limit touching your face, but every once and a while you are likely to slip up. For the fellas rocking a beard, we have our Hand & Beard Sanitizer Spray, which incorporates lavender. Calming and clean!
  3. Wipe down surfaces - having dinner at a restaurant patio? You can’t be too careful. Wipe down your table and chairs with our Unicorn Tie Dye Disinfectant Wipes.

As always, don't forget to visit us at the Farm this weekend to check out our plant sales and newly released products! We'd love to hang out with you and share some samples (while social distancing on our beautiful deck).

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