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Are You Mom's Favorite Child? Do You Want to Be?

I always promised my children that I would give them issues, but make sure they were new and unique ones and not the same old ones I had*. One of the many loving things I've always said to them is "Yes Mimi I do love Alex the best, didn't you know that?" and of course "Yes Alex I love Mimi the most - duh." These little comments made them laugh and laugh (I think it was just fun laughter and not maniacal going to kill you in your sleep laughter). But do you know if you are your mom's favorite child? Want to ensure it? Well then, let me help. 1779708_900096073341729_8806055921983391998_n artsy gift basket pink gift basket small gift basket         Nothing will make your mom love you more than a  Fangboner Farms Gift Basket. I mean, you could get her a nice card and some chocolate - never a wrong move. OR you could give her a fun, unique and one-of-a-kind gift with one of our baskets. Funky old china, teapots, teas, candles - what mom doesn't love that stuff? I mean your mom is hip and cool right? I know I am. So let us help you out this year. This isn't a sales pitch. Heck no. That would make us self-serving and only motivated by our best interests. All you have to do is stop out at the Farm Market this weekend or give us a call. We can put together a very cool basket ranging from $15-$30. We can guarantee she won't get anything else like it - and will love it. This is our way of helping you make sure that Mom loves you best. Our way to help you know just how loved and special you are. And another way to get one up on your sibs. That's really what it's all about.   *I did make this promise to Alex and Mimi but I do love them both equally and unconditionally. Mommy is just trying to be funny kids.

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