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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes - The Farm is Really Rockin'

We are really hopping at the Farm! And it's not just from all the peepers that are singing out here (although I will admit I found that a bit disturbing the first Spring I lived here. I was afraid they were invading). Roland is really kickin' it with the landscaping changes. And I'm really rockin' with more products and marketing. This winter we both realized we're not getting any younger (although of course we look incredibly young) and we really want to grow the Farm. As Roland said, he wants to enjoy all the fruits of his labors (and not just the wine). That means he is stepping up his timetable for landscape changes. We even have a zone map and he's made a list of all the work we're doing this year to get it looking in reality like it does in his mapFirst off in Zone 1, he's expanding our Hosta collection. Roland really wants us to also be a Hosta Farm. It will be another couple of years until we have enough stock to really market it but he has over 60 varieties right now. He's also expanding that back in Zone 6 where we have some shady areas. Pink Flamingo QuartzZone 2 - my fav. He's going to build a water feature in the middle of the yard. We have a huge Pink Flamingo Quartz boulder that we got from our friend Cindy when she moved to Las Vegas - it was too big to move with her. That particular quartz is known for healing and will be awesome as the centerpiece for it. Zone 3 - it was a sad day but Roland took out all of the grapevines along the drive. They had not produced the last two seasons. Instead he is expanding the grapevines we have and adding more to Zone 6. So along the drive now will be more blooming perennials. Lots of color. Zone 4 - expanding our Lavender Hill right in front of the house. It was so pretty this year and produced well. We're going to double the size. Zone 5 - right behind our house, I finally convinced Roland to get rid of the wood chips under the picnic tables and put in grass. YES!!! He finally listened. I keep telling him not everyone who comes out here wears work boots. And those wood chips are a pain when you're wearing sandals. And we're pouring a cement floor in the front half of the barn!! We've cleaned it out and added shelving - now we'll have a true workspace. Still planning for a bathroom in there but that won't be until next year. Zone 6 - we're adding a few more herbs to the fields as well as a section of raspberries and blackberries. And this year we will have a whole section of pumpkins. I've wanted to grow pumpkins forever and I'm finally getting my wish. We've had volunteers pop up but never a dedicated part of the field. So this year you can get your pumpkins from us! Zone 7 - Roland calls it Area 52- his take on Area 51. It's the fenced area behind our house for Reuben.There isn't much secret about it - except when we don't get it cut quick enough and you can't find the dog poop. Roland has cleared it out and is leveling out a drop off area - which used to grow cattails about 20' tall. It creeped me out and Reuben would run when it was rainy and slide down the slope into the mud. Yup, glad to see that going away. Lots of good stuff coming! I'll post pics as we go along. Stay tuned for the Marketing changes!

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