Fangboner Farms

I'm Ready to Spring Forward

Yes, we're still here. I'm slowly lifting my head up out of my comfy blankie as I lay on the couch by the fire. Yup, time to wake up and start farming again. We've been hibernating long enough. winter sage  dead mint  hibernating farms Now that's not to say we haven't been busy. We've been planning as we sit all cozied up inside with our delicious hot herb tea and wonderful essential oil candles (yes I must do product placement. this is a business after all.) We've gotten the front side of our barn completely cleaned out, new shelves put up and ready to pour our concrete floor in the next few weeks. Roland has been jamming on getting our landscaping cleaned up and designing some new projects (a water feature in the middle of our front yard!) as well as planning some major planting changes. And I got some exercise. During one of our major wind storms last week, Roland and I happened to be home and were moving a mattress and box spring (don't ask why we did it on one of the worst windy days of the year) and we heard this weird sound. Roland said "oh crud" or something close to that and I looked at the road. Our fab Fangboner Farms sign that I raved about in one of my earlier posts had broken off and was in the road - being run over by cars and trucks. For some reason Roland held the mattress and I took off running down the drive. I don't run. So about 10 minutes later I actually made it to the end of the drive, trying desperately not to pee myself and catch my breath. Some kindhearted soul stopped so I could go out into the road and get the sign. I carried it back to the house and I gotta tell you, I was impressed (and not just that I hadn't peed as I ran down the drive). To quote Daryl, for all of my fellow TWD fans, "that sumb@!&% was tougher than he looked." That sign didn't have any damage other than a little ding at the corner. Pretty amazing. So while it seems as if we've drifted away for a long winters nap, we've been busy planning all sorts of cool new things for the Farm. We'll open back up in April so you'll have to come check it out. The sign will be rehung and looking no worse for wear. And I should have caught my breath by then from my run down the drive. Just don't ask me to reenact it.

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