Fangboner Farms

Maybe We Are Hillbillies After All

We got a new sign for the Farm! We are so excited. Our fab artist friends Bruce Yunker and Kristi Polus designed it, our buddies at NewFax (blatant plug for a great local business) printed it and our buddy Mike made the signpost and hung it for us. We've had a nice banner hung up for the last two years. It was okay but this makes us look like rock stars. Like we really do have a legit farm. I went out and took this pic right after it was put up. It looks so pretty - we now have old tubs filled with flowers around it. Farm sign But we were so excited to wait for dark to see it. We have spotlights on it and wanted to see how visible it was all lit up. When it got dark we walked down the drive to check it out. Roland and I were in awe - it looked so pretty. I said we needed to see it from the road passing by in a car to really get the full effect. I ran in, grabbed my keys and we jumped in my car. We drove up the road, turned around and headed back. Roland started talking in his exaggerated Southern accent -"Well look up yonder. Do you see that pretty little sign? I can tell that is a wonderful little farm and we should stop in there!" We were laughing, hanging out the open windows waving at it and had a great time. We must have gone by it 8-10 times. As I pulled in the church parking lot down the road to turn around, I glanced down. I could not stop laughing - I was even crying. Roland started laughing too and kept saying "What's so funny?" You know how you laugh when someone else is laughing even if you don't know why? I had realized we were both in our underwear and t-shirts. We both had on boxers at least - but it was underwear - and we were wearing slippers. We've become county hicks. Wow. I caught my breath and said, "Who gives a crap. This is fun!" and we drove by a few more times. Yup, I think this city girl has become a little countrified.

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