Fangboner Farms

That Darn Cat!

We decided this year that we wouldn't put up our big tree. Part of it is practical - with our new kitty Leo (our FIV positive kitten that we've integrated with our other two cats) who has no boundaries and climbs everything - we figured it would be safer. And second, apathy. Putting up a tree just isn't as fun as it used to be when the kids were little. Seeing all those ornaments they made every year was fun and always made me happy. Now it makes me a bit sad. So Alex and Brittany were home for Thanksgiving and we got a small, live table top tree and put it on the table by the front door. It is so pretty and smells wonderful. The little fir tree is just perfect. We picked up new bulbs at Big Lots (my personal paradise) and decorated it in purple and green bulbs which are the Fangboner Farms colors. I felt it gave Roland and I our "own" first tree. Christmas 2014     Isn't it pretty? We've enjoyed our little tree so much the last few weeks and I've been so impressed Leo hasn't gone near it at all. Aren't I smart? The other morning I was drying my hair in our bathroom before work. I didn't have my glasses on but could see these little Siamese arms sticking under the door (yes I know he's a cat and technically his front legs are legs but I call them arms). Suddenly something rolled under the door at my feet. I batted it back. That little arm pushed it back at me. And so on. Leo and I must have played soccer with it for a couple of minutes. When I was done, I put my glasses on. And this is what we'd been playing soccer with.     the evidence   Yup, Leo certainly reminds me of one of my very favorite movies as a kid. . ..

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