Fangboner Farms

And The Name Is. . .

Good Riddance!  I loved everyone's suggestions and had quite a few LOLs over them. It was a tough choice but Good Riddance just kept sticking with me.  But I did use a combination of many of your suggestions for the tagline - Toilet Odor Preventer Spray (TOPS). Check out the label design.  Our friends and design gurus, Bruce Yunker and Kristi Poulus, came up with it. I love the outhouse - and according to Roland, that will be our new bathroom  for the Farm Market.  Uh, yeah, no. Again, thanks everyone for playing along.  It was a lot of fun. I'll post tomorrow about our other new product - Kristal's BooBoo Spray. It's amazing, Good Riddance bottles   And yes Stacey Ball, the gift basket is in the mail!

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